Answering a Common Question

Nov 23, 2012

Sometimes, I like to look around on the Internet to see what types of questions people have about estate planning. As an estate planning attorney, what I think the important questions are is often different than what I see other people asking about online. That is to be expected. I would like to take a little time to answer a simple and basic question that I see a lot of people asking online. It is an interesting question to me because it is not something that an experienced estate planning attorney would think to ask. The question is: what is an estate plan?

An attorney obviously knows the answer to that question. However, many non-attorneys do not. An estate plan is a group of legal documents that serve particular end-of-life purposes. Those purposes are usually determining how property will be distributed after a person passes away, determining who will manage a person’s affairs if the person becomes incapacitated, and determining who will care for a person’s minor children if the person passes away.

That’s all an estate plan is. It is simple and complicated at the same time. Talk to an estate planning attorney if you have other questions about what an estate plan is.

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