The Mistakes of Singers

Nov 21, 2012

We have told you before that you need to have a Will and the consequences of not having one. Surveys still suggest that most Americans have not received the message and gotten a Will. Today, we would like to briefly go over the cases of two celebrities who did not make out Wills and how that hurt their eventual estates.

Jimi Hendrix was very close to his brother and it has been assumed that the musician would have wanted to leave his brother at least a portion of his estate. However,Hendrix passed away suddenly without a Will. State law gave everything to Hendrix’s father. When the father passed away, he left everything to an adopted daughter from a later marriage. The singer’s brother got nothing.

Another singer who did not leave a Will was Sonny Bono. The consequences for his estate were that a secret out-of-wedlock child and his ex-wife were able to inherit portions of his estate. It is unknown if Bono would have wanted that to happen because he never made an estate plan.

Do not do what these famous singers did. Make sure that you make your wishes know with an estate plan.

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