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The Definition of an Estate Plan

An Estate Plan consists of legal documents that define how your assets will be divided and to whom they will be given when you pass away. A common misconception is that Estate Planning is only for the wealthy; when in reality everyone can benefit from an Estate Plan because it can determine your financial goals will be met after your death. Estate Planning also protects your assets if you become disabled. Created by a seasoned Estate Attorney, an Estate Plan can include any of the following: Trusts, Wills, healthcare directives, and financial Powers of Attorney.

Estate Planning Makes Your Wishes Clear

An Estate Plan assures that certain goals will be met, including:

  • Reduces the amount you are required to pay in estate taxes
  • Keeps you in control of your finances and medical care in the event of a disability
  • Keeps everything in the family and helps to prevent disputes or confusion
  • Assures that the people that are important to you receive what they deserve

Our Free Report will help you Understand Estate Planning

Written by an expert Estate Attorney, “15 Common Reasons to Do Estate Planning outlines what you need to know about an Estate Plan, including:

  1. How to retain the right Estate Attorney
  2. How to protect your estate from creditors, lawsuits, bargain hunters, and divorce
  3. How to set success-based milestones for certain heirs that might not be ready to receive any assets when you die
  4. And more

Protect everything that you love with an Estate Plan. Call us today to start Estate Planning, and make sure your family’s future is a bright one.

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