Living Trusts: Plan Ahead for Your Family's Future

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. Add the stress of the unexpected costs of family members contesting a Will, court and attorney fees associated with Probate, and planning for dependants, it can seem too much to handle. To avoid leaving a messy situation for your family at your death, consider looking into a Living Trust.

A Living Trust can help avoid some of the burden for your surviving loved ones, and ensures your family benefits from your legacy, now and far into the future.

What is a Living Trust?

A Living Trust is a legal document you draft, usually with the help of an Estate Planning attorney, to outline how you want your assets and properties to be divided amongst your heirs when you pass away. You transfer your assets into that trust, and you can hold ownership to that title as well as appoint someone your successor trustee to manage your trust when you pass.

Many people create Living Trusts to avoid the messy costs associated with Probate – a court process of paying your debts and distributing your property to your heirs. Often times, Probate can take months, even years to complete, and a percentage of your estate goes to paying court and attorney fees. A Living Trust can help avoid this because property transferred into a Living Trust avoids Probate.

Getting the right information on Living Trusts is will help you decide if a Living Trust is right for you. That’s why we are offering a no obligation, free report on Living Trusts.

With our free, informative report “Living Trusts, Calculating the Benefits” drafted by industry experts, you’ll discover:

  1. How a Living Trust can help to circumvent the Probate process
  2. Why special needs trusts are necessary to ensuring your child with special needs can benefit from your estate, and still receive government benefits
  3. How to plan ahead for children from previous marriages
  4. How Living Trusts can possibly reduce estate taxes
  5. And so much more

Don’t hesitate. Download this free report, and see what you benefit from a Living Trust today!

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