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Unlike general Estate Planning concerns, Special Needs Planning must address the various financial, legal, and medical needs that apply exclusively to the disabled individual. At Duffy Law Office, our Davenport, IA Special Needs Planning attorneys have extensive experience developing customized Estate Plans for parents and guardians of special needs children.

What is Special Needs Planning?

Some families fail to conduct proper Special Needs Planning simply because they don’t know enough about it. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding comes at a high cost. As a result of failing to plan, decisions regarding the future care of your special needs child will be left up to the discretion of your state justice system. To prevent this unfortunate scenario, our friendly and knowledgeable Davenport, IA Estate Planning attorneys can guide you through the following components of Special Needs Planning.

- Creating a Special Needs Trust and conducting general financial planning for special needs loved ones

- Maintaining your child’s eligibility for government assistance programs by taking proper legal measures

- Appointing guardianship for both special needs children and adults

- Assigning a beneficiary to manage the financial affairs of the child according to your preferences

- Protecting the special needs child’s personal possessions

Why is Special Needs Planning Important?

If something were to happen to you, your special needs child would be named a “ward of the court.” This means that the child would have to undergo the legal process of probate to determine who will be the child’s guardian and how much of your estate they will receive. This process can be long, emotionally draining, and may even delay your child’s healthcare needs. Furthermore, without a proper estate plan in place, there is no guarantee that your wishes for your child’s future care will be carried out.

How Can I Learn More?

At Duffy Law Office, our knowledgeable¬†Special Needs Planning attorneys strive to provide easily accessible resources to the community in order to promote better education of complex legal matters. For this reason, we offer an informative and comprehensive FREE report.¬†Download A Special Child Needs Special Planning,” and discover:

  • Cost-effective solutions when financial planning for special needs children
  • How your child can maintain eligibility for government assistance programs while benefiting from your inheritance
  • Why you should choose Special Needs Trusts over standards trusts
  • How to appoint a guardian for your child
  • How to appoint a beneficiary to establish limitations and guidelines for your inheritance

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