Do I Need a Probate Lawyer in Davenport Iowa?

Dec 23, 2013

Anyone who is interested in making preparations for the future should understand some basic facts about probate.

In Davenport Iowa, most people use a will to state their final wishes. When you use a will, you should include the selection of an executor. This is the person who will be in charge of administering the estate after you die.

After your passing, the executor must admit the will to probate. Probate is a legal process, and it allows for the probate court in Iowas to supervise the administration of the estate.

You should choose an executor who has a good bit of business savvy. However, even if your executor is good with business, he or she may have no experience with the probate court.

As result, the executor will often require the assistance of a probate lawyer in Davenport Iowa.

A Turnkey Estate Plan

Who is going to draw up your last will? If you are a prudent, serious minded individual you are going to have your last will drawn up by a licensed estate planning lawyer in Davenport Iowa.

Stating your final wishes is certainly a large part of the equation. However, you should also consider estate administration. What should your family and your executor do after you die? What is the first step, what is the second step, what is the third step, and so on?

The executor may not be sure. Your family may not understand how to proceed either. On the other hand, the attorney that you worked with to create the will in the first place would certainly know how to navigate through the probate process.

You could arrange for the attorney that you used to draw up the will to act as the probate lawyer after you die. After you pass away, your executor can give your attorney a call, and he or she will have immediate assistance.

The probate attorney is clearly going to understand the process. However, there is another advantage if you go this route.

This is not just any probate lawyer. The attorney that your executor is going to call is someone who is intimately familiar with the circumstances. After all, this is the lawyer who drew up the will.

A truly effective estate plan will be holistic and comprehensive. If you cover all of your bases and address the matter of estate administration when you are planning your estate, you will be doing your family a great service.

Ultimately, your final wishes will come to fruition in a timely and efficient manner. Your executor will have a probate attorney by his or her side every step of the way, and a legal process that can sometimes be intimidating to a layperson will go as smoothly as possible.

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