Special Needs Planning

Dec 3, 2012

An old saying goes that every child is special in their own way, but some children are more special than others. It is true in some ways. However, parents of children with special needs do not necessarily see things that way all the time. To them, their children are no more special or unique than any other children. All children are unique and they all have different levels of ability. All parents learn to adjust their expectations to the abilities of their children. Parents of children with special needs do the same thing.

There is a way that the saying is true. Children with special needs often require more personal care and financial support. This puts parents in a difficult position. They need to find the resources to take care of their children. The government helps a little bit, but not nearly enough. An even bigger concern is how the children with special needs will be taken care of if something happens to the parents.

That’s where estate planning comes in. An estate planning attorney can help parents of children with special needs to plan for the care of their children after the parents pass away.

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