Landlord Tenant Law

Vermont landlord/tenant law deals with the leasing and rental of residential and commercial real properties. Residential landlord/tenant law is governed by a very strict landlord/tenant law that spells out in great detail the rights and remedies of the landlord and the tenant. The statute must be complied with strictly in order for landlords to successfully evict tenants in a timely fashion. The firm of Unsworth & Barra, PLC represents a large number of residential landlords and non-profit landlords throughout the State of Vermont. Because of our extensive experience in landlord/tenant law and efficient practices, Unsworth & Barra, PLC is able to achieve speedy results when a tenant refuses to comply with a rental agreement.

Commercial landlord/tenant law is less complex than residential landlord/tenant law, but still presents difficult issues, usually with more money at stake. Unsworth & Barra, PLC represents numerous commercial landlords throughout the State of Vermont and has extensive experience in drafting commercial leases and in litigation involving commercial rentals and evictions.

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