Davenport Iowa Financial Planning Assistance

We are an estate planning law firm, but we offer comprehensive financial planning assistance. Your estate plan should ideally be contained within a broader, long-term financial plan.

It is important to look ahead with the future in mind. Retirement is not a given. To be able to retire in comfort you must accumulate a significant store of financial resources. This is typically going to require some sustained, focused effort over an extended period of time.

When you do not have a financial plan in place, time can pass quickly. At some point you may evaluate your financial position and come to the realization that you will never be able to retire.

The Eventualities of Aging

When you are creating a financial plan, you should anticipate all of the eventualities of aging. Your retirement dream may include travel, leisure activities, and quality time with your loved ones. If you plan ahead effectively, you can indeed enjoy these golden years to the fullest.

After your active retirement years you may find it difficult to handle all of your own activities of daily living. In fact, the majority of senior citizens will require long-term care eventually.

Medicare does not pay for long-term custodial care. Assisted living communities and nursing homes are very expensive, and professional in-home caregivers are also costly to retain.

Your financial plan should be created with full recognition of the costs that you may be facing late in your life.

Free Davenport Iowa Financial Planning Consultation

When you take the right steps along the way you can enjoy financial security during the latter portion of your life. If you do not know where to begin, contact us to schedule a free Davenport Iowa financial planning consultation.

At the consultation we will become apprised of your objectives, evaluate your capabilities, and make the appropriate recommendations.

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