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The Estate Planning services of Duffy Law Office, PLLC welcomes you to the Estate Planning Informational Portal for Davenport, IA and its surrounding areas. This site is brought to you by the Estate Planning attorneys at the Duffy Law Office, PLLC. Our lawyers are here to provide all of the residents of Davenport, IA and the surrounding communities with custom Estate Planning services, tailored to meet your familys unique Estate Planning needs. Contact our office to consult with one of our qualified Estate Planning, Probate or trust administration attorneys in Davenport, IA.

Davenport, IA Estate Planning: Wills and Living Trusts

Most people think that a Will is enough to ensure that their wishes for their estate are followed upon death; however, a Living Trust can do just that while saving your heirs from expensive estate taxes and costs associated with Probate. Consult with one of our Estate Planning lawyers in Davenport, IA and find out how these important Estate Planning documents can eliminate uncertainties and save your family from excessive estate taxation.

Trust Administration and Probate Services in Davenport, IA

Our Estate Planning attorneys of Davenport understand that in addition to grieving over the loss of a loved one, theres the business of going over the loved ones assets, and looking for the Will document if one was created. Then theres the mandatory process of taking the Will to a Probate court to determine the validity of the Will. From there, a Probate court supervises the administration of the Will. If there is no Will, the Probate court decides how your estate is managed. Probate can be complicating, often making it months, even years before heirs receive benefits of the Will. Our Estate Planning attorneys can help with the Probate process.

Estate Planning for Special Needs in Davenport, IA

People that have special needs loved ones need to take exceptional care when handling their Estate Planning needs. Our Estate Planning lawyers at our Davenport, IA law firm help you with an Estate Plan to include Special Needs Planning so that you can continue to provide for your special needs dependants without compromising any of their government funded aids.

Family Owned Businesses and Farms in Davenport, IA

Protecting your familys business or family farm for future generations is essential to preserving your legacy. Include provisions in your Estate Plan to safeguard your familys investments and help ensure your family business or farm is passed on to future generations.

Some of our Other Estate Planning Services Include:

Estate Planning and Your Legacy

Your legacy is so much more than the material wealth you leave behind. Our Estate Planning, lawyers at our Davenport, IA law firm can help get your family heirlooms and stories into the hands of the heirs that you select. Without proper Estate Planning for your legacy, your priceless heirlooms could be sold at an estate sale and lost forever. Our Davenport, IA Estate Planning attorneys can help to ensure that your legacy is preserved.

The LGBT Community and Estate Planning

It is incredibly important for the LGBT community to protect themselves and their partners with Living Wills and Health Care Directives. Our qualified Estate Planning attorneys can help you draft an Estate Plan that can help protect your rights and ensure your partners financial future and quality of life.

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